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Open Drip Proof Marine Motors

ATT ODP Series compromises of 3-phase, squirrel cage, Open Drip Proof (ODP) motors in Cast Iron/Profile-pressed Sheet Steel frame. ATT ODP series motors are designed to meet demanding applications in environments where dirt and humidity are minimal. These motors are specifically designed to provide maximum ventilation for superior thermal performance.


An ODP enclosure permits cooling air to flow through the motor using fan blades at the rotor to help moving the air through. The vent openings are also designed to prevent liquids and solids that fall from above at angles up to 15° from vertical from entering the interior of the motor. If motor is not in horizontal position, a canopy is usually included to protect it.


An ODP enclosure should only be used when the environment is free from contaminants and where wind-driven rain is not a consideration.

Product Specifications
• IEC Frame 180M to 355L
• Voltage: 380-415V/50Hz (other voltages available on request)
• Class F insulation; Class B temperature rise
• S1 continuous duty
• Service Factor: 1.0
• Degree of Protection: IP22/IP23 (IEC 60034-5)
• Ambient Temperature: 40°C, 1000m.a.s.l
• Mounting dimensions according to IEC-72


Options Available
• Space heaters
• Thermal Protection (PTC Thermistor 150°C)
• Class H insulation
***Other options available on request (Contact ATT to inquire)