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(Refer to our YB2 catalogue for details.)
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
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B3 V5 V6
B6 B7 B8
B5 V1 V3
Foot and Flange
B35 V15 V36
Small Flange - Face
B14 V18 V19
Small Flange - Face and Feet
Additional Information
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Examples of special features.
*Double ended shaft extension
*Special shaft, eg. diameter, length, key size, key depth, etc.
*Drain holes
*Temperature sensor, eg PTC Thermistor or Thermostat
*Anti condesation space heater
*Sun canopy
*Climate conditions
*Marine version(IP56, 65 or 66)
*Class H insulation
*Any other feature that you may require

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